Friday, January 31, 2014


So first off wanted to post an update. This piece here is one of those pieces I've been working on again off again. Hoping get some real time work on it this year. Block one complete and my little cross stitch bug needle nanny there for the ride.
Here's another epic picture.
Oh my and my English is now a cross stitch model in case anyone was wondering. Actually he was asleep and mad I was up stitching. 
So more of an update I wanted post a couple picture of the lives of my life. Below is my little baby girl and angus. She loves to 'pretend' read right now. Hopefully that's a good sign? 
One last boring picture to take up your time with. This below is pumpkin we still working on litter box and being called by name, but ill get her there. Btw she was eating her moomoo's drapes. 

Keep crossing those Xs. Happy stitching.

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