Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's an addiction....

OSo I have a confession to make. I have been addicted to Etsy however I want to share some of my finds. First off: uncross stitch related but cute for any nerd like me. This was from my amazing sick mother. This was going to be a christmas gift, however a January gift was nice too! This is little samantic:
Now the next item was my find. Mom can try take all the credit she wants *winky face* but I found this shop. Clay works by Kim deimers. First off I have to say Kim was a joy to work with, she made my items up super fast and had them in the mail even faster then that. I encourage any stitcher to check her shop out: 

So down below is my little pink dragon I've fallen in love with. She's my needle protector and aw so adorable at it. 
Now the second one I had made was a bug! Because I love love bugs. Yea lil strange I know but oh I do love them so dearly. 
Again her website:

In other news classes going okay, enjoying med term. I went to the hospital Saturday for an kidney infection (yummy). Now I have a hole in front tooth dumb cavities. Besides that living large.
Happy stitching ladies.

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