Thursday, March 6, 2014

A long week

So stitching has been few a far between due to all of the extra work and then my school work that has to be worked on, on top all that. So here is what I've been stitching on.
This is my first.... Part of this huge piece that will be gorgeous when its completely  finished.... It's just getting it there. This is ink circles: garden stars. I've had this UFO stashed away not wanting to look at it but I figured I give it another shot and fix the couple places that my Aunt MS Debby caught for me..... She even frogged it for me: it's coz I'm loved. 
This is what it will look like when I'm victorious and finish the monster. Don't hold your breath ladies.
The little dragon holding my needles her names Feebee. These lil dragon needle minders are my new obsession: She is the smallest so she has been deemed needle nanny of my ink circle. 

Now I do have a little splurge to show. This is what happens when mom showed me how to order off of stitching bits and bops. I go alittle crazy:
And look a new pair if scissors.... I am bad.

Thanks for looking ladies. Keep crossing those Xs.

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