Sunday, November 22, 2009

okay so, I havent been on here much. Been really buesy with work and with school.

Im not going to go into full detail with pictures. Im pretty sure you could look at my moms page and see all that youve missed. Im just going to explain and maybe blogg alil bout it all. And HOPFULLY post some pictures of my recient finishes.

October 31: Halloween, We went to Big bone. I still tricker treat so we walked around the park and got are candy from other amazing campers. It was cold as a witches kiss that night. However i had a lot of fun. It was great to be with the family. Even though i had to work that day. It was still a lot of fun and work wasnt too awful.

November 19: I finished a wonderful gift for AJ(the boyfriend) carebear wall hanger. i loved making it and i believe he loved it too. Its so great to have a boyfriend who thinks my hobbie is pretty awesum.

November 20: Me and Aj got to hang at my place. It doesnt happen as much as id like. His parents dont like me, (or atleast I dont think they do) So he came over and mom made us soup and i gave him his gift and he gave me mine. I love LOVE love what he gave me. Besides that we danced in the hillbilly garage wich was made up in chrismas lights so we could dance. It was a blast. Then to add onto all of that after we droped him off we went to are ladies stitch group. And sat there for a hour or so and caught up with the X's we missed and all of the gossip. Then we went to kohls for sale. I love cloths. By that time i was craven a mint Frap from starbucks so we went there and we randumly decided to go see NEW MOON. at 1215 at night. I had to work the next day soo i was poo'ed out. But i had a blast with my mom. The movie was disappointing but jacob sure wasnt YUMMY!

November 21: Me and AJs one year.

thats about all you have missed. Im excited to see my exchange gift to recieve in the mail and hopfully ill be sending mine out soon.

Happy stitching

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