Friday, October 9, 2009

VA Beach

My vacation this year was to go to VA beach with my mom on her retreat. (since i didnt get to much of a vacation thanks to the appendix) The beach was gorgeous. VERY windy but my hairl likes wind. Kinda wind blown look most the time anyways. Never get tired of watching the waves crashdown and the dolphins jump up in the air. That was a whole lot of fun. however even though i had alot of fun on the beach im alot of a blue hill mountain kinda girl. There was no mountains, windy roads and bluegrass hills here. I missed home. There always going to be alil country girl in me so i dont think i plan on staying on a gorgeous beach for very long other than visits.

Then here is a small small SMALL piece of neptuns(SP) statue that was really really REALLY big. I love the octapus and there was alil one too. The big one though is whats shown here. Fun stuff.

The noble Philip lived a happy life. A life well know for yet he was dead on the beach when i arrived. Sad sad day. Mom wouldnt let me bring him home to give him a proper grave stone in the bluegrass state. he always loved the blue grass state but no one believed me. He was a great and noble crab. We miss him.
To the best crab i know
Philip Roger Jr.

Okay yay me and miss Debby doing the stitchy thingy. Miss Debby is like my aunt to me. My moms best friend and since family is some complexed word to everyone i adopted her to be my aunt and she may like it or not i dont care!!!

Thats right about it my highlights to the trip i have some updates on stitching im going to post later which is EX strem ly awsume. bye for now.

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