Sunday, December 29, 2013

Greatest Aunt Debby ever!

My aunt has been upset I haven't kept up with posting these. So here is to trying again this year. I've had a tough couple months with school and adjusting to life. So I have not been stitching much. However here is what my wonderful aunt bought me for christmas!!!
Is this gift not just wonderful? The little snow man is a marker then there is feet paper clips, ribbon, pins and a little measuring tap baggy. 
This above was another gift I was given for christmas from my amazing mother. We are nothing going to be bashing our heads into the wall with this piece. "Mrs. santa" brought me this including fabric chart and clip for christmas the flosses I was all on my own for. With good reason 32.95 in floss and that not even all of them. But worth the expense.

Thanks for reading. I'm going back to drowning my life into my pharmacology book. Please keep me in your prayers for the ati. If I don't pass I fail the quarter. You know.... One those pass fail **** test.  Keep crossing those xs. 


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stitchinpeanut said...

I remember your first christmas... dad and I bought you the huge stocking you still have today and we slipped it on u like a skirt.. you looked like the cutest little christmas mermaid. This lil dragon reminded me of that moment. Happy stitching to the best soon to be nurse around.