Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zoo Trip

Couple weeks ago we went to the zoo. Just the family and the boyfriend attened. Im really glad that things are starting to get some what back to normal. I miss the old time and the wish there was more coming are more around the Family. That day was alot of fun though.
At the Cin. Zoo we have just been given a baby Giraffe. She had no name when we wen, but alittle girl. Now they have named her Zuri. Zuri stands at 6'ft tall when born. She is not aloud out yet to get her to become more bonded with the mom. We get to keep this one at the zoo because It was a little girl. Everyone here is buzzing about the baby. Its the first one in 26 years. Abigails room is going to be a zoo theme with pink Giraffe. At the zoo I had to pick up me and abigail a little gift. I got her a little rattle that lil one and the other one was soft and all the lil kids was fighting over it. Im pretty sure ill lose that one when She gets a little bigger. That day was a whole bunch of fun beside the half hour wait to get to see her. However it was so worth it at the end.

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