Monday, February 15, 2010


Above is me and aj. We celebrated Vatlentines day early due to the fact i had to work Valentines day and it was going to be better day for his family. Lots of fun that day was. same old problems with his rents but I just dont think they want to like me nor give me the chance. So ive kinda given up on that old boat.
We had a stitch day and sheepies where there. Those are my three sheepies. Moms and miss debbies where being mean and didnt want to play.


Val entines day gift from AJ. I love him. Such a cuties gift for me. Chocolate, flowers and a stuffed bear. What more coulld i ask for? well besidess stitch stuff. LOVE IT.
And finially the most awesum christmas gift my fender Stratocaster. Mommy and Daddy got me. It was amaaazing. love it to death.

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Carol said...

Just found your blog - Meghan, thank you for the lovely ornament! it is so perfect!