Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So i havent had the time to upload pictures of what i have recently stitched and finished. The carebear was stitched for my boyfriend. It was are one year anversery since we have been dating and me and him have this big carebear joke so i made him a blue carebear on aida and but are year in his stomack. I believe he really liked it. Or atleast as much as a boy can. Its nice to have a boyfriend who thinks that what i do is amazing. Even when its just cross stitching. It makes me happy that he atleast takes the time to complement what i do. Big smiles

Then next is my first piece on linen next to my skelanimal penguin. I finsished it with some frilly purple string around it. I love my scardy cat.

Then there is my sheepie. And i love my sheepie. He is going next to my sheepie collection in my room.

First her to the left is my french stocking, which is going to be given to Madam Echegary(SP?) Shes been my french teacher for two years now, my mom helped me with getting this one done. Tis the season for stitching and she did this so i had somthing to give to her since shes such a great French teacher. Merci Mere.(Thanks mom)

Then there is my orni exchange wich will be sent out asap to my exchanger i hope they like it. I picked it in there intrests. I believe tis cute.

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